Alyson Hannigan Trashes Jay Leno At Comedy Forum



We knew we loved Alyson Hannigan for more than just her stint as Buffy’s trusty sidekick Willow Rosenberg. Hannigan also seems to be on Team CoCo or, more accurately, not on Team Leno. Though she tried to be discreet about it, while she spoke at a Women in Comedy forum, Hannigan made no bones about her dislike for Jay Leno‘s late night hosting style.

The forum was moderated by Jimmy Kimmel, and when Hannigan was asked what the trick is to being a good guest on a late night show she explained “Certain hosts have you do your pre-interview and then you have to go on the show and retell every story verbatim or you’re not coming back. Every show is different that way.” When asked to name names, she said “I’m not saying, but it’s not Jimmy’s. And that’s really intimidating to have it be a big deal if you, like, switch around your punchline or whatever. There are a lot of other hosts where it’s OK to tell this story or that story, and if it veers off it’s fine because the host is secure enough to go with you, and vice-versa.” Even though she didn’t name this insecure host outright, later when Kimmel was asked his thoughts on the Tonight Show host, he replied “Slam Leno? Oh, uh, I think Alyson just did.”

Sounds like even though Conan O’Brien might have moved on from his late-night feud, there’s some anti-Leno ginger solidarity in Hollywood.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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