Holly Madison And Crystal Harris: Clash Of The Centerfolds



Things weren’t pretty when Holly Madison visited the Playboy Mansion recently to meet up with Hugh Hefner and his new fiancée Crystal Harris. Holly described the encounter, which was being filmed for her TV show Holly’s World, as “awkward,” and she said she did it because she “wanted to see [Hef] and Crystal and tell everybody face-to-face how I felt.” While we have to wait to see Holly’s World when it airs later this month, the former Girl Next Door hasn’t been shy about expressing “how she felt” to anyone who will listen.

Madison told Life & Style “I’d like to see Hef settle down. I just want it to be with the right person, and I feel like he’s making a hasty decision. I’m not sure Crystal is the best thing for him.” She also followed up by insinuating that she thinks Crystal may not have the best intentions. “Crystal hasn’t been around very long — she’s a mysterious character. No one knows much about her. Plus, she’s very young, probably too young to settle down. I’ve seen a lot of girls try to date Hef, and some have ulterior motives. I don’t think it would be a bad idea for him to get to know her a little better. I think it’s possible Crystal could break Hef’s heart. They could end up divorcing, and she could take half his money.” Ouch. Sour grapes much?

Madison’s TV sidekick Josh Strickland also made it clear that  there’s a rivalry between the two women, telling People Magazine “We don’t really know her that well, but the few times we’ve seen her, it’s been a cold shoulder.” And as for some unaired footage that was filmed for their show, he says that there’s a tape where “Crystal called us clowns in a circus. It’s just kind of like, ‘Who the hell are you?” The real question is “who the hell is Strickland?” but whatever.  Harris’ people deny that she ever called them that and claim she has no ill will toward Holly. It seems that these girls are living out some effed up Playboy fantasy of Hef’s where they fight over him to the death, and yet still, somehow he outlives them.

[Photos: Getty Images/Splash News Online]

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