Paz De La Huerta Falls Out Of Her Dress, Biffs It Hard At The Golden Globes


We love us some party people over here at TheFABlife, but occasionally we get too much of a good thing, like seeing Boardwalk Empire’s Paz de la Huerta drunkenly flash the paparazzi after failing to get into a Golden Globes afterparty. TMZ has a video of a clearly intoxicated de la Huerta being turned away Chateau Marmont before nearly doing a face plant on the curb. De la Huerta’s sober assistant hustles the staggering actress away, but not before he fails to tell the actress that her dress had fallen down in the front…and a big hole had been ripped in the back. Paz’s Boardwalk character might strip down for Steve Buscemi at the drop of the hat, but drunkenly spilling out of your dress within 500 yards of the Hollywood Foreign Press? Not our idea of a good time.

This isn’t the first time Paz has caused a bit of a scene. From posing nude to discussing her sex life in public, Paz definitely seems like a free spirit. Let’s hope that if she continues to be this free, she’ll hire somebody who knows enough to yank her gown back up after she takes a nose dive.

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