Photos: Meet The Hot New Cast Of MTV’s ‘Skins’



Unless you live under a rock (sorry dudes, it’s true), you know that MTV’s new show “Skins” premieres tonight at 10/9c. It’s a scripted series based on the UK original and it follows a group of high school friends as they navigate through their adolescence. The show is rife with love, pain, sex and drugs. What more can we ask for, really?

Check out our photo guide to the cast of “Skins” below and head over to to read more about the actors that make up this hot new cast. [Photo:]

Name: James Newman
Character: Tony – The cocky yet charismatic leader of the group.


Name: Rachel Thevenard
Character: Michelle – Tony’s beautiful and devoted girlfriend.


Meet the rest of the cast after the jump and browse through our ultimate “Skins” cast gallery.

Name: Daniel Flaherty
Character: Stanley – Tony’s best friend. Stanley’s still a virgin and in love with Tony’s girlfriend, Michelle.


Name: Sofia Black-D’Elia
Character: Tea – She’s openly gay, beautiful and very confident.


Name: Jesse Carere
Character: Chris – The wild and fearless party kid.


Name: Camille Cresencia-Mills
Character: Daisy – An extremely talented classical trumpet player and the group’s voice of reason.


Name: Britne Oldford
Character: Cadie – She lacks self-esteem. Cadie finds herself in rehab when she’s not in high school.


Name: Ron Mustafaa
Character: Abbud – His parents are strict and religious, but he loves girls and likes to party.


Name: Eleanor Zichy
Character: Eura – Tony’s mysterious younger sister.


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