Charlie Sheen Wants Brooke Mueller Back, Says Brooke’s Mom


Are you ready for some wholly logical news? Brooke Mueller‘s mother told The Palm Beach Post that her daughter and ex-husband Charlie Sheen, arrested for threatening Brooke with a knife Christmas ’09, are trying to patch things up. “They’re talking about it constantly, and Brooke has been saying she and Charlie are trying to get back together,” said Moira Fiore. “She seems ready to give it another try…Charlie’s been telling her that things have not gone well for him is because they broke up. I think he’s making her feel guilty and he wants to be with Brooke.” What woman wouldn’t feel guilty if their violent ex-husband went on a boozy Vegas bender with Bree Olson? Aside from all of them, we mean.

TMZ offered further evidence of Charlie’s obvious regret today, sharing an e-mail Sheen sent a call girl before that Vegas jaunt (typos his). “U are fabulous! I’m an A-list actor you mite like to meet……ure fone is dead and out of service…xo cs.” We’d say something like “hopefully this public embarrassment will keep Brooke from taking Charlie back,” but considering Brooke will play Paris Hilton‘s latest best friend on the socialite’s new reality show, public embarrassment obviously isn’t an issue.

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