Did Christina Aguilera Scream At Julianne Hough At The Golden Globes?


Listen, we all love a diva, and Christina Aguilera is nothing if not 20 lbs of diva stuffed in a 10 lb bag. But if Naomi Campbell has taught us anything, sometimes fierce can go to far. According to E!, Christina Aguilera attacked Julianne Hough at a Golden Globes pre-party. Says an an eye-witness, “Christina really got in her face.” even grabbing Julianne’s arm to the point that Hough warned her Burlesque co-star, “Don’t touch me!” Julianne was “visibly upset” afterward, according to another insider. “The whole thing was troubling. People felt bad for Julianne.” It takes a lot of cajones to start a public fight before an awards ceremony. Argh, if only Ricky Gervais could have been told in time!

Christina’s agent has already dismissed the reports as “nonsense.” We hope they are, because before the ladies parted ways, reportedly Aguilera threatened to ruin Hough’s country music career. You know, if Burlesque had been this tawdry and exciting, maybe someone other than us would have seen it. Not that we approve of in-fighting! We’re just saying.

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