Girl Knocked Out Of Wheelchair On Spanish Soap Opera


You know, a thought that will often cross my mind while watching American soap operas… is that not enough people are getting knocked out of their wheelchairs. Well God bless the Spanish, because they hired a very obviously deranged woman to do exactly that (Ed. Note: i.e. My new favorite actress). Now, I don’t speak Spanish, as every Spanish teacher I’ve ever had can attest, but here is what I take away from this scene:

• Daughter in wheelchair gets a kiss on the cheek.
• Her Mother catches them and loses her sh*t.
• An epic fight breaks out.
• Girl gets knocked out of wheelchair.
• The gates of hell open, a maid gets her head slammed against a wall, Paulie D shows up, and I think someone gets murdered.
• All in 3 minutes!

I have watched it probably 22 times and it actually improves with each viewing. Would someone care to translate exactly what is being said?

(Thanks to Jorge Viveros for the link!)

UPDATE: OMFG. Jorge translated it in the comments. Going to get a master’s degree in Spanish for the sole purpose to enjoy this clip in its native tongue.

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