“Injury Came From Lindsay,” Says Rehab Accuser, DA Wants To Meet


Lindsay Lohan‘s rehab assault drama is far, far from over. Dawn Holland, the ex-Betty Ford clinic worker who accused Lohan of pushing her and allegedly coming back after curfew intoxicated last December, has followed word that she accepted a pay-off from the Lohan camp by reaffirming Lindsay was at fault in an interview with Radar. “The bottom line it was a bad situation And I was injured. I’m not pointing fingers at anybody. What I do know is that the injury came from Lindsay. I’ve been clean and somber for almost seven years so I already know what we do, how we behave, how we respond and react to situations when we’re not in our right mind.”

Not that she necessarily means Lindsay was blitzed. “Yeah when you’re scared or whatever the fear might be. But like I said to this day I still wish Lindsay the best. I want her to stay clean and sober.” Despite the well-wishing, TMZ says the LA District Attorney is hoping they can get Holland to come in and chat, even though she’s consistently refused to help in their investigation. With Michael Lohan claiming he’s helping Lindsay financially (egad), it doesn’t sound like Team LiLo can take care of Holland, too—good news for the lawyers who can’t wait to get Lindsay back in jail.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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