Steve Harvey’s Ex-Wife Puts The Funny Man On Blast


In the past, jilted spouses of celebrities often had to go through the trouble of publishing a tell-all novel. Today, if they have 20 minutes and a web camera, angry wives and husbands can ruin their exes’ careers in less time than it takes to watch an episode of Family Feud. In clips posted over the weekend, Steve Harvey’s ex-wife Mary Harvey rants on YouTube about his many extra-marital affairs. According to her extensive three-part video diatribe, Mary describing finding out about her husband’s girlfriend when she opened a package labeled “Confidential” to find a letter from Steve’s mistress and now wife, Marjorie. So, his mistress mailed him with written proof of their affair? Looks like Steve wasn’t exactly interested in Marjorie’s intellectual capabilities, if you get our drift.

Mr. Harvey is currently marketing himself as a dating guru with his books “Straight Talk, No Chaser” and New York Times best-seller “Think Like A Lady, Act Like A Man,” or as he’ll have to rename it, “Think Like A Pig, Act Like A Dirtbag.” Reportedly Harvey tweeted a response over the weekend, scoffing “I don’t respond to lies….God just keeps blessing and covering me….ISAHIA 54:17.” Given the stack of bills Mary shows at the end of the videos, we can only imagine what other dirt she’s planning to dish out about their 10-year-marriage if she doesn’t get paid. We, for one, can’t say we blame her.

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