More Reports Confirm That Jaime Pressly’s Marriage Is Over


Yesterday, we had posted news of Jaime Pressly‘s marriage possibly breaking up. We were hoping it wasn’t true because of the horrible run she’s been having, DUI and tax evasion charges included. Unfortunately, more sources are creeping out to confirm the sad news. One informant told Perez Hilton yesterday, “It was very mutual and she’s very sad.” Another source has now told UsMagazine, ” They are done”. And they’re not the only ones talking. A second source explained more adding, ” It’s over. I don’t think they have officially filed anything yet though.”

The couple, Jaime and her possible ex husband Simran Singh, haven’t yet confirmed the split either. But the same source seems adamant revealing, “I think it comes down to she married this guy too fast. He seemed like a good guy but he is super full of himself and puts her down for everything. He picks fights with her for any little thing.” Apparently, Jaime’s most concerned about the repercussions of her supposed split on her little three year old son Dezi. His father is her ex-fiance Eric Cubiche. Says the source, “She doesn’t want to confuse him. Her baby is her top priority. She is a strong girl though and she will come out of this fine.”

That’s a lot of comments coming out, even though Jaime hasn’t said anything. Where there’s smoke there’s fire, though, so we’re leaning towards this story being true as opposed to false rumor.

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