Snooki Sits With Kim Kardashian—Reality TV’s Brain Just Exploded


There’s no news connected with this picture other than that Snooki and Kim Kardashian were at the same Mavericks vs Nets ball game in New Jersey. This photo goes beyond news, people. You’ve got the two biggest ball-changers in the reality TV game in one frame. What was reality TV like before these two came along? Sure, it was there, but c’mon guys… Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Jersey Shore? They gave a whole new meaning (and spawned a whole new generation) of 15-minute-fame seekers who, somehow, managed crossing over into celebrity-land. And you better believe they’ll claw your eyes out if you try to get them to leave.

For that utter dedication to being, erm, them, we salute Snooki and Kim. We love the fact that Snooki’s try to look like Kim in this photo. She sent the photo to Kim over Twitter without a message, because she had to be cool. Ok? Because celebrities can also be fangirls. Check out the gallery for more of their mutual admiration. [Photo: Twitter/Getty Images]

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