The Jersey Shore Crew May Not Be Heading To Italy


We reported yesterday of rumors that the cast of the Jersey Shore was heading to Italy to shoot the next season of the show. Here is how the flow of events have been unfolding since. Exciting news for Snooki and the gang. Not so exciting news for Italy. Hopeful news for Italy: they might not get permission to travel due to Ronnie‘s “criminal record”. Which means Italy’s going to make Ronnie a national hero.

Ronnie is currently up crap creek because of having, “purposely or knowingly cause significant bodily injury to a man by striking him in the face with a close fist, causing him to lose consciousness.” The “him” was an unsuspecting dude who got beaten up by Ron while filming an episode. Ronnie’s currently facing charges of one count of third-degree assault by a New Jersey jury, and could get up to five years in the slammer. It’s still in court and unfortunately, you can’t travel if you’re in trouble in the law. A rep for the Italian Embassy in Washington D.C explains, “Persons who are currently in the criminal process can not be issued a Visa. Any person applying for a Visa to Italy must have their case fully adjudicated.” What goes around, comes around, because knowing the JS crew, they’ll beat the living daylight out of Ronnie for making them miss out on a whole new country-full of “smushing” opportunities.

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