Yet Another ScarJo Dating Rumor: Is She Hooking Up With Justin Long?


It’s tough being Scarlett Johansson. One minute you’re happily married to the Sexiest Man Alive Ryan Reynolds, the next you’re divorced and being linked to a bunch of hot, funny guys. Whether or not you’re actually dating them, uhh, no one seems to care. So add Justin Long to the ever-growing list of geeky, comic actors that ScarJo is rumored to be pursuing, right after Jason Sudeikis and Jared Leto (who, admittedly, is neither geeky nor comical, at least not intentionally).

Johansson and Long were seen leaving an Iron & Wine concert together in L.A. on Tuesday night, which is either a) scandalous!!, b) sexytime!!! c) they’re doin’ it!!!! or d) two friends who starred in a movie together who have the same taste in music. You be the judge. We’re just waiting for the time when these ScarJo rumors come full circle and it’s being reported that she’s actually hooking up with Sandra Bullock.

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