Rihanna Takes It Off Again In New Sexting Photos


Some people never learn from their mistakes. Other people learn that the more half-naked sexts you send, the more hot dudes you can rake it. New steamy sexting photos of Rihanna have popped up over at MediaTakeOut, and girl looks better than ever in just undies and an asymmetrical cut. While the site won’t definitively confirm the recipient of the pics, they strongly imply the lucky guy was a “popular sports star” recently dating the flame-haired star. The hair timeline definitely lines up! They also claim the unnamed guy “exchanged” photos with the What’s My Name singer, meaning if Rihanna ever feels like it, it could be naked Matt Kemp Christmas!

Rihanna has been burning up lately, between her alleged lesbian romance and S&M photos. But let’s not forget the even steamier pics that turned up after her break-up with Chris Brown. We’re starting to suspect it could be Rihanna herself releasing these photos just to announce that her hotness is now back on the market. Which would make her a certifiable genius.

[Photo: MediaTakeOut]

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