Sofia Vergara Turns Designer


If the clothes will make us look anything like her, then sign us up! Sofia Vergara has joined forces with Kmart to design a clothing, footwear and a jewelry line for them. The Colombian Modern Family bombshell revealed, “We’re trying to fill a hole in the store. They wanted to appeal to a younger woman with something a little spicy. The times are changing.” Ok, we’ll buy it. Kmart and Vergara don’t exactly go hand in hand in our heads, but hey, you heard the lady…times are changing.

The good news is that she’s keeping curves in mind. Considering her own body type, the collection will follow suit, as she explained, “You have to realize that it’s me wearing it it. You’ve just seen it on me. All the piece are very wearable. And we have them in all sizes.” Hallelujah! One only has to take a look at Vergara’s top 20 hottest outfits (photos) to realize girlfriend knows what she’s talking about.

The collection will hits stores in the fall. We hope we get a preview beforehand, because we kinda love Vergara and hope she doesn’t sell out. We’re expecting hot, but affordable, clothes and killer shoes. Don’t let us down!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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