Could Robin Williams Be The New Batman Villain?


After rumors that Cher could potentially play Catwoman turned out to be false (Damn you, Anne Hathaway and your feline good looks!) we were leery about who director Christopher Nolan would cast as Christian Bale‘s foe in the upcoming The Dark Night Rises. How would you feel if we told you the most recent rumors have Robin Williams playing Dr. Hugo Strange? Film site Batman On Film tweeted about Williams’ casting, saying “RW as Strange? Hmm…”, a hint that has fans in the know all a-twitter. Who knew Robin would ever play a role more disturbing than Mrs. Euphegenia Doubtfire? We know; we’re amazed too!

While casting the genie from Aladdin as an insane psychologist might seem like a bizarre choice, Williams’ roles in Insomnia and One Hour Photo prove the comedian can go dark. Many of us also scratched our heads at Nolan’s casting of Heath Ledger as the Joker, but the director clearly knew what he was doing. Other actors mentioned for the role of Hugo Strange included Inception’s Tom Hardy, since cast as the villain Bane. How many evil-doers does this movie even have? Nolan, you know exactly how to make us crazy with anticipation! Just remember that it’s never too late to hire Cher (No offense, Anne Hathaway!)

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