Randy Jackson Swears He’s Not Trying To Be The New Simon Cowell On Idol


If you’ve caught any part of the tenth season of American Idol, you’ve probably been pleasantly surprised by the positive vibes new judges Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez give. Of course, it’s a little weird watching Tyler lip-sync to and flirt inappropriately with some contestants, but over all, they’ve proven to be solid judges, while Randy Jackson has clearly become the hard-ass with the snarky comments.

Jackson called in to Ryan Seacrest‘s radio show to respond to the comment that he was “mean” on last week’s show and in the process, declared that he’s not trying to be the next Simon Cowell, really, guys, he’s not. Jackson told Seacrest “I’m a very humble, kind, mild-mannered man and I just try to give people the honest truth. We have to feed it to them the right way…” He says the perceived meanness comes out when he’s confronted with an auditioner who isn’t a serious contender.  “I think a lot of people sitting at home are probably like me, thinking, ‘Is this a serious audition or is this person just putting one over on us?'” So it’s in solidarity with the American people that Jackson takes it upon himself to shatter dreams. “I wouldn’t say I stepped into the Simon Cowell’s shoes,” Jackson continued. “I don’t think those shoes could be filled, nor would I want to be in them!” And truth be told, Simon was always far meaner than Jackson has been this season,  but he’s definitely been the toughest judge this season. Maybe the change is in us. We’re so used to “You feel me, dawg?” that we haven’t become accustomed to this new, harsher Randy.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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