If you’ve been following this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, then you know one thing is certain: Nene Leakes done lost her damn mind. Now Nene has always been, how do we say? Terrifying. But in a humorous way the country could embrace. That changed, at least for us, beginning a few weeks ago during the infamous fight with Kim Zolciak on the tour bus, where Nene flat out called Kim a racist, among 5 million other accusations. Nene proceeded to continue her raving into the home of one of Kim’s friends (lovers?), bringing her Godzilla-like energy with her for the following few days of Cynthia’s baby shower. I love Nene, but I have trouble excusing her behavior of late. We can’t imagine the PTSD Kim and Dwight are going through having seen that woman’s face open up like a venus fly trap 1 millimeter away from their own.

The good news!! Just because this season ended last night doesn’t mean that Kim vs. Nene is over. Far from it. Kim Z. and baby daddy Kroy Biermann following up the finale with an appearance on Watch What Happens Live!, and Nene decided to take to her Twitter to vent out some last second frustrations.

And some interesting details were “Leaked.” Let’s take a look at some snippets from her tirade, as well as a few responses from Kim:


So what did we learn from this Tweetfight? Mainly, that Kim’s kids are from three different daddy’s, she may not have graduated from high school, and Nene possibly operated under an alias — hopefully Oda Mae Brown — and may have warrants out for her arrests.

In other words: Which of these maniacs do we love more? The jury is still out. One thing, however, is still certain: Elegance is learned. Especially Southern Elegance.

So whose side are you on? We hate to say it… but we gotta side with Kim in this scenario.

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