Let The Healing Begin Between The Glee Cast And Lindsay Lohan


It’s a week of healing for the pretend high schoolers over at Glee. First Lea Michele hangs out with Hailee Steinfeld at the SAG awards, now nearly the entire Glee cast apologizes to Lindsay Lohan for jokes made about her whirlwind tour of American rehab facilities. Reportedly the cast (minus Lea and Jane Lynch) were dining out in West Hollywood on Sunday when they ran into the Mean Girls star. They took it upon themselves to apologize to Lilo and in response Lindsay…graciously accepted it! She didn’t even drive over their tables in her Maserati or anything! We were hoping a group mediation lead by Sue Sylvester would be in order, but we guess we’ll just have to save it for the old dream journal.

The Lohan joke, you may recall, features Gwyneth Paltrow ripping on “loco” Lohan in Spanish. So technically speaking it’s Gwyn who owes Lindsay an apology, not the actual cast. Don’t tell Dina Lohan or she’s try to sue all over again. No amount of apologizing and good will in the world is worth one cent of Paltrow’s GOOP money.

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