Miley Cyrus To Be Erased From Pot-Smoking Scene In New Movie


Miley Cyrus probably didn’t realize that her puff-puff-give on the old salvia pipe would have consequences. Most teens don’t. Is that the beginning of the Miley Cyrus Lifetime Movie For Women? No, but it could be, because if you’ll recall, back in December, Miley was caught on video smoking the legal hallucinogenic herb and now it really is causing a ruckus on post-production of her new film, LOL.

There happens to be a pot-smoking scene in the film which Miley briefly appears in and that, coupled with Miley’s real-life drug controversy, makes the producers nervous. In an effort to avoid unnecessary drama, the scene is being digitally edited to remove any trace of Miley from it. A source says “The studio doesn’t want to take any chances having the controversy affect the film,” so Mandate Pictures is erasing Cyrus from any shots in order to nip it in the bud. So you see, it’s not just yourself that you’re hurting when you smoke drugs, kids. It’s the digital video editors who can’t believe they’re using their NYU Film School degree to erase Miley Cyrus out of a scene from a movie called LOL.

[Photo: TMZ]

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