The One Person Pony Dance Party Super Cut


The song Pony by Ginuwine has a different meaning for everyone. Well, it has the same meaning for everyone in that it is very definitely about sex perhaps with or perhaps without a pony, but beyond that, it probably takes you back to the time and place you most associate with that song. For you, that time and place might be when you were a kid riding in a car with your older sibling. Or perhaps you most associate Pony with sitting on your couch watching MTV during your teens.

For me, this can only bring back memories of Bar Mitzvah parties from late 1996 to early 1997. Every Bar Mitzvah party required that this song and the “I like the way you work it — no dignity” song be played at least once. Sometimes twice. “Very interesting fact about your experiences at Bar Mitzvah parties, Noah!” – All of you.

The people below, however, have a different experience with Pony than you or I. For these people, this song is loneliness. This song is desperation. This is the song that plays in their head and on their stereo as they cry out for attention from the one person for whom they feel comfortable making personal dance videos.

Thanks, The High Definite.

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