10 Black Actors Who Should Be Superman


This week, we learned that handsome British Tudors actor Henry Cavill would be portraying Superman in the upcoming installment of the franchise. Which is all well and good but so expected. Cavill is tall, handsome, British, and also one of the whitest sons a bitches we ever laid eyes on. Which is when we realized: Why does Superman have to be white? I’m pretty sure the world is ready and in fact desperate for a Black Superman.

Here are 10 actors who could pull it off:

10. Isaiah Mustafa, aka “The Old Spice Guy”

Perhaps no commercial spokesperson caused as big of a ladyparts tidal wave as Isaiah, who shot to stardom as the Old Spice Guy, aka Hot Man With Abs On Horse. Sure, he just signed a major talent deal with NBC, but still, we’re sure everyone would find time in their schedule for him to play the world’s most famous superhero. And hooray! Isaiah is a self-described comic book fan! The more we think about it, the more furious we get that he hasn’t already been cast as a major superhero.

9. Jesse Williams

Oh, Dr. Jackson Avery, he of Grey’s Anatomy, with the eyes that could slice through steel. He’s like Jude Law, minus all that sh*tty smarm. (JK Jude, we <3 you.) He's hot, he's smart, he's ripped. What else is there?

8. Common

Common has come a long way since he started acting with a guest appearance on UPN’s Girlfriends. Sure, he’s not as young as some of these other pics. And yeah, he’s a little more terrifying. OK, a lot more. Fair enough, Common would make a kick ass Lex Luthor. Just get him in the movie please.

7. Wayne Brady

If the idea of a “Black Superman” is a little too “black” for you, 1. You are racist and 2. Meet Wayne Brady! He’s white.

6. Corbin Bleu

He’s 21, dances ballet, is a Broadway star, and more importantly, participated in one of the greatest film franchises ever (High School Musical). Also, abs. (He’s of age so this isn’t creepy right?)

5. Tyson Beckford

Did someone say abs? Tyson Beckford would be like the Terminator of Superman. I feel like as much as I’ve seen him, I have no idea what his voice sounds like. He’d probably get paid $250,000 per word. But what does Superman even say? Nothing. He just flies around saving people. No voice needed, hire this man.* (*Assuming he doesn’t sound like David Beckham.)

4. Mehcad Brooks

Don’t really know who he is… Don’t need to know. See above photo.

3. Will Smith

Sure, you can cry and say you’re sick of Will Smith, but face it: NO SUCH THING IS POSSIBLE. The man is a legend, as defined in the movie I Am Legend, and, if you think he’s a smidge too old to play Superman, then good news! He has a son named Jaden Smith who will be ruling the universe one day who would gladly step in for the job. Frankly, same goes for Willow.

2. Donald Glover

Don Glover (@donglover) started an online Twitter campaign to be named the next Spiderman. That role went to Andrew Garfield. But what of Superman? He who is faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound? We think Don would be a fine candidate to perform all of these tasks, as well as be hilariously funny. Someone, anyone, make Don Glover a superhero, please.

1. Taye Diggs

How Lois Lane got her groove back. Could a sexier Superman exist? Unlikely.

Who would you like to see as Black Superman? Let us know in the comments!

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