Rumors We Love: Charlie Sheen Has Gold Teeth


An integral member of Charlie Sheen‘s porn star posse, Kacey Jordan, can’t seem to stop talking about him. Although some of her spilling leads into TMI territory, like Kacey’s critique of Sheen’s sexual performance, we’re happy to hear some of the others—like that Sheen has mostly gold teeth. You heard this correctly. She told Howard Stern that he wears an “apparatus” out in the public, essentially so that no one would point and laugh. Let us repeat this: Charlie Sheen has gold teeth and wears some sort of weird-ass disguise so no one catches on. We love this town.

But we’d also like more details. Are they gold grills because Sheen in one of his party-hazes, imaged he was a rapper. Did he knock out his teeth and replace them with gold impressions? Was Kacey seeing gold while looking at Charlie’s face? Did someone else knock out his teeth, because he was behaving like a jackass? So many questions! Although the last one makes the most sense. We’d also like to add that, while searching for photographs of Charlie, we noticed that he always has this weird close-lipped smile that shows off no teeth. Is he hiding what we think he’s hiding? You GUYS.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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