Gabriel Aubry Accused Of Hate Speech, Gold-Digging In Halle Custody Case


Man, Halle Berry sure can pick ‘em. Ex-husband Eric Benet was a philandering sex addict, and it turns out Gabriel Aubry‘s a racist gold digger—assuming the allegations being spread about the father of Halle’s daughter Nahla are true. People, clearly Halle’s primary outlet for her side of the story, features some damning allegations from Aubry’s “former friend” Stephanie Bibeau, including that he was “verbally threatening” and used a racial slur when arguing with Halle. The star’s rep has announced her “serious concerns” about Nahla’s “well-being” if he’s allowed any unsupervised custody.

Aubry’s rep said the allegations from Team Berry are “untrue and irresponsible,” an ex of Gabriel’s tells TMZ his “motivation has always been money.” “I tried to warn Halle early on,” said banker Page Bogart, who confronted Berry once at a golf club, “but I guess she didn’t want to believe it.” Bogart also claims Aubry “had a few Latin hoochies on the side” when he first hooked up with Berry. Does she ever date people who aren’t the worst?

[Photo: Getty Images]

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