Katy Perry Plus How I Met Your Mother Minus Laugh Track = Pure Awkwardness


If you’re looking forward to seeing Katy Perry guest-star on How I Met Your Mother, might we suggest you don’t watch this preview clip? The unnervingly silent footage of Perry doesn’t have a laugh track added in yet. We never noticed all of the long, humiliating pauses between the actor’s lines before. Just like we imagine a real conversation with Katy Perry would have!

Perry stops by the show to play cousin Honey, who is seduced at the speed of light by Neil Patrick Harris. We mean, NPH’s character Barney…yeah, sure, of course that’s what we mean. Katy seems to be giving it her all, but since her character’s personality consists of “having spectacular cleavage,” “acting like a moron” and “having spectacular cleavage,” we doubt she’s going to pull down an Emmy for this one. Perry’s other memorable acting turns have included  a guest spot on Seasame Street and on The Simpsons, where she destroyed America’s childhood. Maybe you’d better stick to performing at the Grammys, Katy; at least there you know your large talents will be appreciated.

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