The Jersey Shore/Justin Bieber Promos Predict Our Valentine’s Day Plans


There is something not quite right about these Jersey Shore promos for Justin Bieber‘s Never Say Never movie. Having The Situation suggest we take our Valentine¬† Day’s date to “The Situation Zone” at the back of a movie theater suggests two equally unsettling scenarios: 1) Bieber fans will take this as a sign they should smooch out during the film, even though they are only babies OR 2) adult human beings will get their freak on during a showing of Never Say Never, which is a crime that should be punishable by death. Either way, we do not approve this message.

Another clip features Pauly D infected with Bieber fever and looking he desperately scrambled out of a giant tub of Vaseline. Luckily Justin shows up (wearing a pearl necklace, because that’s something Pauly’s diseased mind might hallucinate) just in time to save the day. As much as we love both Jersey Shore and the Biebs, something about this combination doesn’t sit right, like Skittles and grain alcohol. Other celebs starring in Bieber’s promos include Diddy, Jay Leno, Julianne Hough and Angelina Jolie. Wow, maybe we should take our date to back row during Bieber’s film if so many heavy hitters are behind it. Heck, we were planning on getting arrested anyway.

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