Will Chris Brown’s Appearance On SNL Help His Image?


Chris Brown will be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live on February 12th. This is really interesting for several reasons. First of all, SNL is a place where performers have a chance to show off who they really are, by revealing a never before seen sense of humor, or by revealing that they actually have no sense of humor at all. We thought Nicki Minaj was hilarious last week when she appeared in “The Bride Of Blackenstein” sketch, and of course we have to point out that Rihanna killed it when she performed in the “Shy Ronnie” digital short herself. So we would be curious to see if Brown has a “Shy Ronnie” moment himself because honestly, he could use one after all the phony tears he shed on stage in the past. This is definitely a man in need of an image boost.

The other reason that we’re fascinated by Brown’s appearance is that he’s paired with host Russell Brand. You know, the guy who’s married to Katy Perry, who is BFF’s with Rihanna. Was that planned? Will it be weird? Are there any SNL insiders who will provide us with backstage info on how this goes down? It’s entirely possible that Brand and Brown have never even met, since Brand started dating Perry months after Brown and Rihanna’s Grammy night altercation. Still, we’d be surprised if Brand was thrilled to work with the guy. There may be very little drama on air, but we’ll definitely be tuning in to see what happens.

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