Julie Roberts And Natalie Portman Connected To Two More Snow White Movies


Things are going to get a little confusing in Hollywood, because there are currently three Snow White movies in development and we can barely keep them straight. Last week we mentioned that Kristen Stewart was up for the title role in Snow White And The Huntsman. Viggo Mortensen would play the Huntsman and the evil, mirror-obsessed queen would be played by Charlize Theron in that film. Sounds like a great cast! But today, we also learned that Julia Roberts was up for the role as the Evil Queen, which confused us until we realized it’s for an entirely different Snow White movie. The film Roberts is in talks to star in is The Brothers Grimm: Snow White, which will not only be directed by crazy-visual-effects master Tarsem Singh, but is also going to be 3D. So get ready for a lot of dwarves and poison apples in your face, people!

So two dueling films is all well and good and nothing new in Hollywood, but it’s also being reported that Natalie Portman is also in negotiations to star in yet another Snow White film called Snow And The Seven which takes place in 19th century China. The seven are no longer dwarves but warriors who help Snow defeat her evil stepmother. The Portman project is being produced by Disney and written by Michael Arndt, who wrote Toy Story 3, not a bad combo considering the year they’ve all had. It’s interesting that the Disney project is the most unusual take on the story, since fairy tales in general are sort of their bread and butter, but another movie definitely crowds the playing field. Will star power determine which one will be the fairest one of all? Or are there just that many Snow White fans out there willing to see all three?

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