Pam Ann, The Stewardess Star Of “Terror at 41,000 Feet,” Is Kind Of Like Jerri Blank By Way Of Patsy Stone


Pam Ann In Terror at 41,000 FeetUnless you hail from Down Under or you’re really into the microscopic subculture of airline industry humor, chances are that you’ve never heard of Pam Ann, the flight attendant alter ego of Aussie comedienne Caroline Reid. Frankly, we had never heard of her either until just last night, when our old friend Michael Hirschorn tweeted a link to “Terror at 41,000 Feet,” Pam Ann’s latest viral video. He described the piece as “brilliance” and, we must say, we totally concur. If you are a fan of absurdist British comedy, you’ll flip for this mashup of footage from the Airport series of 1970s disaster movies and the bawdy, cocaine-fueled humor of the queen bee of saucy stewardesses, Miss Pam Ann herself (who, it should be noted, is a potent mixture of Strangers With Candy’s Jerri Blank and Ab Fab’s Patsy Stone).

Sample line? During a conversation with ex-flame Charlton Heston, Pam Ann decimates him by describing their bedroom romp thusly: “You mean that sad excuse for a shag? It didn’t even touch the sides!” Click play and tell us if you don’t have a big belly laugh within the first 90 seconds.

[Photo Credit: Pam Ann’s Facebook page]

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