Six Months In and There’s Already Marriage Drama For Chelsea Clinton


Think back, if you can, to the summer of 2010. We know it’s hard to think of summer when the nation is blanketed in ice, but just try to remember the insane media spectacle surrounding Chelsea Clinton‘s wedding to Marc Mezvinsky. An entire area of upstate New York was immobilized when the pair chose to marry in Rhinebeck because Chelsea Clinton is, oddly enough, probably the closest thing our country has to royalty, and millions of dollars were spent on the lavish event. Now, reports are claiming that the marriage is already on the rocks, that Mezvinsky has fled their NYC home to go skiing in Jackson Hole, WY for months at a time without Clinton, and that drama ensued when Clinton said she wanted to start a family.

Sure, there are random unnamed friends who anonymously tell these gossip sites that “Yes! they are breaking up!” and “No! They’re doing fine!” and we’re inclined to believe the reports that they’re just fine. After all, the pair has been together for six years and have known each other since college, you’d think they’re pretty solid by now. But more than anything, we’re really just trying to convince ourselves they are happy because we’d be super pissed off if these people spent MILLIONS of dollars on this wedding and all these resources were completely wasted on a six-month marriage. The media spends this much time caring because, sure, they want to focus on the money and the Clintons and the glitz, but also because weddings are happy events that occur even during bad news cycles and it’s fun to focus on them. We really hope they’re doing okay because we don’t want this to end badly. That happens enough each time Charlie Sheen gets married.

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