Dianna Agron Blogs Her Anger Over Engagement Rumors


Dianna Agron‘s rep denied rumors she’s engaged to boyfriend Alex Pettyfer, but the Glee star isn’t going to let the matter end there. Agron took her Tumblr to vent about “the not so great aspects of our job as actors.”  “I have been getting a lot of questions about things that I don’t feel the need to explain or talk about. I don’t mean it as an insult, I’ve just never shared private details of my personal life to promote my career or a project that I am working on. To me, it feels like cheating…Opinions, opinions, opinions….and all of those ‘inside sources’. If you believe to have the facts, show your face and then say what you indeed know to be true!”

Throughout the self-confessed “rambling” post, Agron never flat-out denies the rumor she’s “secretly engaged”—though it must be awkward to do that when you are committed to a relationship. Still, she sure sounds like she finds it ridiculous. “Perhaps some of you would rather hear about projects I am working on and so proud to be a part of, not whether or not I’m swapping spit with some guy? Or if I’m painting my house, or washing the car, or having septuplets with a guy I met in Naples named Luciano. If you want a good story, let’s at least make it really rich!” And as for the rumors being a PR stunt? “There is only one thing I will ever do to promote a project, and that is to talk about the project.” Wow, just because she plays a cool manipulator on TV doesn’t mean she’s one in real life!

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