The Daily Show Gets Biebered


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Intro - Justin Bieber and Jon Switch Bodies
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If you’re like us, you drift off to sleep each night  to the melodic sounds of Jon Stewart‘s voice as he and The Daily Show team deliver the news of the day. But as we were drifting last night a wee bit earlier than usual, we were really confused because with our eyes closed, Jon Stewart didn’t sound at all like Jon Stewart. He sounded a lot like…Justin Bieber? Indeed, the Biebs showed up at TDS last night to switch places with Stewart for the show’s intro which made for a funny, if not bizarre, crossover for people who love a satirical skew on current events and are also 12-year-old girls. Check out the Bieber/Stewart switch and then go get yourself a #neversaynever tattoo on your butt crack for kicks.

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