Another episode of Kids React To Viral Videos


There is an ongoing series of videos by The Fine Brothers called Kids React To Viral Videos. This is the 5th episode of that series. It’s the same thing every time. It’s just little kids watching viral videos and then talking about them. AND IT’S GREAT! It makes you feel the same way a Pixar movie does, but without the hundreds of millions of dollars it takes to make them. Sorry, computer animated fish/insects/cars/toys. You’ve been undermined.

Okay, quickly we’ll run through the best moments. “I don’t really get into politics considering that I’m ten.” F*cking fantastic. William nails it every time. And then seeing identical twins disagree about whether or not an internet video is funny… why wasn’t the parent trap just about that? It’s so good.

Now for an updated rundown of who the kids look like. Grant still looks like Grant Imahara from Mythbusters. So there’s that. And Zach still looks like Bill Maher, but on this episode I’m getting more of a Julian Assange vibe. Anyone else feeling that? And then there’s Lia who… Whoops! Nope, we can’t talk about Lia without getting very deservedly arrested. That girl makes me Early-Harry-Potter-Hermione uncomfortable. Oh, hold on, I have to get the door. Yup, it’s the police. Let me take care of this, and I’ll be right back in five to ten years.

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