Dear Christina Aguilera: Maya Rudolph Did It Better


Much ballyhoo has been made over Christina Aguilera’s National Anthem performance at last night’s Superbowl XLV. Each syllable had so many notes coursing through its musical veins that she sounded like a regular Melisma Etheridge. (Definition of Melisma here, if you didn’t already know.) Not to mention, she botched the lyrics. To make matters worse, as though the song didn’t sound dicey enough, we had to witness it escaping from beneath two gigantic Twizzlers hot-glued to the poor girl’s face.

Basically, it was torture.

If we’re going to be made to sit through a painful rendition of our country’s glorious anthem, then at least let it be this version sung by Maya Rudolph on Saturday Night Live, which I think we can all agree is reminiscent and yet WORLD’S BETTER than Xtina’s Superbowl Disastuh©.

1:33 is where I actually lose it completely.

(Thanks to Jason Hamilton for the tip!)

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