REVEALED: Baby Darth Vader Reveals Face; Not Terrifying At All


The boy behind the Baby Darth Vader mask during last night’s successful Superbowl XLV Volkswagen commercial has finally taken the brave step of revealing himself to the public. And you guyzzz. HE IS SO ADORABLE SOMEONE GIVE ME A CHILD NOW. *throat clear* His name is Max Page, he’s only 6, and he is as beautiful as a china doll in your Grandmother’s slightly creepy curio cabinet.

Max appeared on The Today Show this morning alongside his spokesmom, and as if the story could not get anymore precious, we learn the following facts: He won the job in a casting contest, he has never seen Star Wars, and he has a pacemaker due to a congenital heart defect.

To summarize:
I am crying on my couch right now and trying to breastfeed a throw pillow. WATCH THIS IMMEDIATELY AND THEN GO AND BUY LIKE 500 VOLKSWAGENS!!!

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I couldn’t quite put my finger on where I had seen this kid’s face before, but thankfully, my friend Stephen Lenz and the commenters below did so for me: He looks EXACTLY like Meg Ryan circa Tom Hanks movies.

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