And Your 2012 Oscar For Best Actress Goes To … Meryl Streep As Margaret Thatcher!


Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher

Yeah yeah yeah, we know that the 2011 Oscars haven’t even happened yet, and here we are talking about next year’s show. But now that we’ve seen the first image of Meryl Streep as former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady, we can’t help but thinking that next year’s race is going to be all about Streep.

Did you know that it’s been almost 30 years since Streep last won an Oscar? It’s true! She has been nominated for either Best or Best Supporting Actress twelve times since she won the 1983 Oscar for Best Actress for her work in Sophie’s Choice, but she has yet to pick up another Little Gold Man. Here are three reasons why we feel like next year will be her year:

1) The Academy Loves Biopics! Over the last ten years and change, the Academy has handed out a number of statuettes to actors and actresses who have taken on roles as “real” people. Think Reese Witherspoon (Walk The Line), think Charlize Theron (Monster), think Nicole Kidman (The Hours), think Sean Penn (Milk), think Jamie Foxx (Ray) … we could keep going but we won’t. Now, if you look back at the winners we just listed, horrible things happened to each of them. Based on what we’ve read about The Iron Lady, Streep plays Thatcher as
“an elderly dementia-sufferer looking back on her career with sadness.” Cue tears, then … DING DING DING, WE HAVE A WINN-AHHH!

2) The Academy Loves Anything British, Especially Period Pieces! I have never understood the inferiority complex that makes Hollywood bow down to anyone and anything that’s British, but there’s no denying it exists. Look, The King’s Speech — a film about a stuttering, no-name monarch — is about to beat The Social Network for Best Picture this year! Streep can do a British accent like nobody’s business, so this no doubt bodes well for Streep.

3) She’s Due! See above. Streep is Hollywood royalty and she’s not getting any younger, so this is her moment to shine and a chance for the Academy to give her a much-deserved third statuette (which would put her one award away from tying Katherine Hepburn’s four Oscars). I mean, it’s just NOT RIGHT that Meryl Streep and Hilary Swank have the same number of Oscars, you know?

Now, we haven’t read the script or seen a single second of footage, so there’s a chance that The Iron Lady could be the next Cutthroat Island. And there is the tiny issue that this film is being directed by Phyllida Lloyd, the director of Mamma Mia. That said, if we were the betting types, we’d fly to Vegas this afternoon and lay down a hundy on Streep to win next year’s Best Actress prize at the Oscars.

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