MJ Manslaughter Trial Will Be Televised, Murray’s Defense Revealed


And you thought this was already a public spectacle. Judge Michael Pastor announced yesterday that the involuntary manslaughter trial against Dr. Conrad Murray for the death of Michael Jackson, set to begin in late March, will be televised. It seems between the public affection for megastar Jackson and the issue being contested—whether Dr. Feelgoods are responsible for when their celebrity clients over dose—make this case a matter of interest for everyone. Is it too early to yell “trial of the century!”?

We’ve heard a lot about the case against Dr. Conrad Murray—that he was a money-hungry drug pusher more than a concerned doctor—but TMZ has shined some light on how Murray will respond to charges that he provided Michael with hospital-strength anesthetics and waited a half hour to call paramedics after finding the body. Possibly dropping Murray’s “soda defense”, since prosecutors will argue it doesn’t matter whether Jackson administered the Propofol himself or not, it looks like Murray’s team will argue Jackson was in failing health due to the intense rehearsals for This Is It. It’s as smart a move as the doctor could make—admit he was wrong to supply the drugs but get off on being responsible for his death—but it seems like unlike the court of public opinion will buy it. Do you?

[Photos: Getty Images]

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