Oh Talking Bears, You Even Make Seafood Commercials The Best


Here’s an ad for the east coast restaurant chain Legal Sea Foods — not to be confused with Illegal Seafoods, which was probably a level in the Sega game James Pond — featuring just about the only thing that can make me laugh in a seafood commercial: a vocally disgusted bear. An animated .gif of Kelsey Grammer getting hit in the nuts with hushpuppies sped up real fast would probably make me laugh too, but that’s literally the only other thing. But this commercial’s the bear thing:

You can see the exact spot on the clip where they reversed the footage! TOO adorable. Yes, repeating footage is what someone who absorbes internet through his eye sockets for the majority of life (directly, my eyes are long gone) considers adorable. I’m gonna keep comparing my kids to this when I finally have them. And by “kids” I mean “finally signing up for FourSquare.”

Bonus Legal Sea Foods Talking Birds commercial is after the jump:

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