Paula Abdul Sleeps Standing Up With Her Eyes Open, Ducks Simon Cowell’s Kisses


Aww, we miss Paula so much. For all of Steven Tyler’s American Idol inappropriateness, neither he nor J.Lo have ever seemed like they might have flown here from some alternate dimension filled with double rainbows and free Lunesta prescriptions. Not so Paula Abdul, who says she sleeps standing up with her eyes open. “I sleep standing up sometimes,” Paula said in an interview. “I’ve been sleeping against a wall and I never fully close my eyes so it freaks people out. My eyes are always kind of open,” which just fits so perfectly with everything else we know about her.

Explained the Live To Dance judge to Access Hollywood, “I fell asleep at an awards show when I got an award and my manager at the time let me just be asleep so that I could be on the jumbotron. But I only require a few hours of sleep. Lately it’s been two or three.” The rest of the night she practices elaborate tap-dance choreography with DJ Scat Cat! Paula did admit that Simon Cowell tried to make a move on her while they manned the AI panel, a fact that might make it awkward if Paula gets hired on Cowell’s X-Factor. “[Simon] did try to swap spit once,” Paula claimed. “He’s done it a few times.” If that’s not enough to rob you of the ability to sleep for more than 45 minutes at a time, well, then we don’t know what is!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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