Can Lindsay Lohan Plea Her Way Out Of Prison?


Lindsay Lohan‘s arraignment yesterday may have been highlighted by the judge warning her that her next legal infraction would get her tossed in the slammer, but that doesn’t mean she’ll be locked up for the one that got her in court. Despite the aggressive efforts of the DA’s office to prove Lindsay has repeatedly violated her probation, it looks like she could successfully strike a deal with the judge directly, keeping her from serving time for stealing that necklace from Kamofie & Co.

According to TMZ, the plan would be for Lindsay to plead guilty to felony grand theft, and then have the judge reduce the charge to a misdemeanor if she keeps her nose clean for 12 months. While it’s hard to imagine a crap magnet like LiLo pulling off such a feat, there’s reason to believe she might get a shot. The DA declined Lohan’s offer to take a polygraph, which might have proven she was more absent than criminally minded in forgetting to return the jewelry, something Kamofie & Co has admitted she’s done before. Do you think it makes a difference whether Lindsay “knew” she was stealing?

Check out the gallery below for photos of Lindsay in court—good thing she wasn’t straight to jail in that get-up.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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