10 Family Feud Answers That Make Steve Harvey Pretend Shocked


Very often on the show Family Feud (also the first line from my wedding vows), a contestant will give an answer that is either unexpected or slightly dirty. Whenever this happens, host Steve Harvey looks absolutely shocked for about three minutes, even though half the time the answer was clearly prompted by the question and another half the time the answer is correct (not always the same half – it’s a Venn Diagram sorta deal).

Because Harvey’s only reaction gets funnier every time you see it (and because some of the answers are legitimately ridiculous), here are 10 Family Feud Answers That Cause Steve Harvey To Make His Shocked Face:

10. Penis

9. Crack Head

8. Good Sucker

7. Naked Grandma

6. Potato

5. A Joint

4. Asparagus

3. Shoots His Gun

2. The Big One

1. Breaking The Fourth Wall

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