Jimmy Kimmel Shaves Justin Bieber’s Head


Justin Bieber‘s been a fiend promoting the premiere of Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, hitting the red carpet and showing up all over the late night dial the last few weeks. In his most desperate move yet, Justin let Jimmy Kimmel shave off the Bieber hair helmet on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night (ok, the singer just put on a scary enough skullcap). “Now they will just focus on my beautiful silky smooth lyrics,” said Bieber. Not to mention his disturbing resemblance to Bill Hader’s James Carville impression! “I think the girls are going to be upset,” admitted Bieber. “But you know, they’ll get over it.” Oddly, it sure sounded like Bieber didn’t get Kimmel’s “you look like a young Lex Luthor” reference. Are we sure he’s a real teenage boy?

Though Kimmel tried to encourage Bieber—“Britney Spears did this once and it worked out great for her”—we have a feeling this look won’t be around for long. So check out the gallery and enjoy it while it lasts.

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