Glee Star Kevin McHale Sings Along To Nicki Minaj, Hopes He And Rihanna “Can Put A Leash On It”


You know the old saying, “If you like it, then you should put a ring on it”? Well, hate to inform you but that’s so last decade, y’all. When VH1’s own Janell Snowden caught up with Glee stars Kevin McHale and Matthew Morrison on the red carpet of the Grammys last night, we got the firsthand scoop that something a little more kinky has emerged on the scene in 2011.

In case you missed his outfit last night, McHale — who you’ll know as the wheelchair-bound Artie Abrams on America’s hottest TV show — was wearing a holster-ish accessory over his shoulders. “It’s a little S&M meets James Bond,” he explained to Janell. “I’m promoting Rihanna’s new single [“S&M”]. I just need to see her and tell her we can put a leash on it.” Hi-yo!

Lest you think McHale only has eyes for Rihanna, though, he let us know that there was one other celebrity crush of his walking the red carpet last night. “Well, Hayley Williams is right there. I’d probably [walk on all fours for her].” Well, alrighty then! And if that wasn’t awesome enough, McHale then decided to bust out a few bars of Nicki Minaj’s verse from “Bottoms Up,” her hit collaboration with Trey Songz! Is there anything that the supremely confident Kevin McHale can’t do? We hope we never find out.

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