Billy Ray Cyrus Worries That Miley Is Like His “Friend” Kurt Cobain


As suggested by the truly unfortunate mullet he’s been rocking, Billy Ray Cyrus isn’t taking his recent divorce very well. GQ interviewed Mr. Achy Breaky in the Tennessee mansion where he lives alone (“The [song] I wrote this morning is called ‘Feels Like Goodbye.'”), and the subject of Billy’s daughter Miley Cyrus came up fast. “I want to tell you: I’ve never made a dime off of Miley. You got a lot of people have made percentages off of her. I’m proud to say to this day I’ve never made one commissioned dollar, or dime, off of my daughter.” Do you think the kids were watching Hannah Montana for you, Billy?

Whether he “made a dime,” he does feel he had to take the heat for Miley’s risque adolescence, though. “You know why I didn’t go [to Miley’s 18th birthday party]? Because they were having it in a bar. It was wrong. It was for 21 years old and up. Once again all them people, they all wanted me to fly out so that then when all the bad press came they could say, ‘Daddy endorsed this stuff….’ I started realizing I’m being used.” Now out of the loop (he claims a handler told him Miley’s bong drama was “none of his business”), he’s concerned about his little girl. After the jump, see why Billy Ray’s daughter reminds him of his one-time friend—and Miley’s dream boyfriend—Kurt Cobain.

Billy says he actually got off the road in the mid-90’s after Kurt died.

He was one of those guys that became a friend to me that I never expected. We met at a venue one night, some big coliseum somewhere—his rig was pulling out and mine was pulling in—and I was standing in the shadows, 1 a.m. in the morning, and he’s ‘Hey man, congratulations—you pissed the whole world off.’ We shook hands, and I said, ‘Thanks, man… I love what you all do.’ That’s what we talked about, that we each had a little girl…

One more thing about Kurt—Kurt was one of those guys. That’s why I’m concerned about Miley. I think that his world was just spinning so fast and he had so many people around him that didn’t help him. Like Anna Nicole Smith—you could see that train wreck coming. I was actually trying to reach out to Anna Nicole Smith, because I kept telling Tish and everybody around me, going, ‘This is a disaster.’ Michael Jackson—I was trying to reach out to Michael Jackson. I knew he had kids, and I was going to invite his kids down to a taping of Hannah—I just felt it would be good for Michael. I don’t know why. I met Michael one time at the Grammys. He sat in front of me, in the front row, and a dime rolled out from under and hit my boot—this very boot I’ve got on—and I reached down and picked up this dime, and looked, he was going through his pockets, and I said, ‘Are you looking for this?’ ‘Thank you.’ And he took that dime and put it back in his pocket. I looked at my manager, I just said, ‘Why did Michael Jackson have a dime?…’ Nobody could tell me.

I don’t know. I’m her daddy so maybe I’m a little sensitive to it, but now’s a real good time to make sure everything’s okay. An ounce of prevention’s worth a pound of cure.

And what’s a pound of name-dropping worth, Billy? Between his alarm ringing and claims that he wishes Hannah Montana never happened (“I’d take it back in a second. For my family to be here and just be everybody okay, safe and sound and happy and normal, would have been fantastic. Heck, yeah. I’d erase it all in a second if I could.”), it doesn’t sound like the guy will get more access to Miley any time soon.

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