An Acid-Tripping Intruder Breaks Into Moby’s Home


What up with all these wacko’s breaking into celebrities homes? First Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi‘s pad got crashed by an alien crystalline blathering nut. Now, TMZ reports that Moby‘s house got broken into as well. Although this intruder was a different kind of delusional, as the musician revealed. In a hilarious, albeit freaky, story, Moby says that he walked into his living room at 7 am, only to find a man completely off his head on acid, sitting there. The dude was so high, and tripping so hard on LSD that he had no idea where he was.

So what did Moby do?┬áHint: the man was up at 7am, probably to do yoga. Second hint: he’s a vegan. Third hint: until 2009, Moby co-owned a tea shop. Ergo, it’s all about peace, love and non-violence (hello, Gandhi) and that’s exactly how he reacted. Moby explained, “He was completely harmless… it was too early to cook breakfast for him. So we just gave him $20 and a sweatshirt and sent him on his way for breakfast.” When TMZ asked Moby, why he was so chill and didn’t even call the cops, his response was, ” He didn’t stab me.” ┬áThere. You have to admit, Moby does practice what he preaches.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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