Lil’ Kim’s Black Friday Album Cover Features A Beheaded Nicki Minaj


Ok, now we’re starting to worry that Lil’ Kim really needs some anger management. Her mixtape, Black Friday, was released on February 14th and along with the title diss track aimed at Nicki Minaj, the cover art features Kim and a beheaded Minaj in a pool of blood. Tell us how you really feel, Kim, seriously.

The “feud” between the two musicians has gone on since November, stemming from Minaj calling Kim a “has-been.” She has since praised Kim, to no avail, since Kim has used every opportunity since then to put Minaj down. Hell hath no fury like a rapper scorned, we guess. The outrageous cover must have worked in her favor though because the mixtape apparently sold 113,000 copies and made over $1 million on Monday. This proves one of two things: either Lil’ Kim is NOT a has-been, or Nicki Minaj is a great marketing tool.

[Photo: The BoomBox]

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