Prison Denies O.J. Simpson Was Beaten, O.J. “Laughing His Ass Off”


A rep for Lovelock Correctional Center denied reports that inmate O.J. Simpson was brutally beaten by skinheads, dismissing the claim from Simpson’s former business partner Bruce Fromong (one of the people Simpson was imprisoned for holding hostage back in 2007) as “totally bogus.” Considering this rumor was passed around in late 2009, maybe Fromong and the Enquirer just got to it a little late.

As much as those who hate Simpson get off on this rumor (which will probably show up again in 2013), it seems O.J. may love it even more. A prison source told TMZ that guards told the former footballer and accused murderer all about the drama, and that O.J. “laughed his ass off” upon getting the scoop. With OJ not expected to get parole until 2017 at the earliest, it might be the last laugh he has for a while.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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