Worst Thing Ever Contender: Woman Dies At Her Desk, Isn’t Discovered Until Weekend


Aaaand here’s the worst thing ever. Actually no, that eel up the ass story is still the worst thing ever, but here’s one of the top like, eight or nine worst things things ever.

An L.A. County employee died at her desk on Friday afternoon and nobody noticed until a security guard discovered her a day later. Needless to say, this is way more tragic and disturbing than Weekend At Bernie’s (and about on par with W-at-B’s II):

AaaggahhhhhhhHHHHH!!!! The worst!

If that happened to me, I can’t even imagine the double embarrassment when the security guard’s like “Oh my God, this guy’s dead! Oh my God, this guy was GChatting, checking three fantasy leagues, streaming Larry Sanders on Netflix, reading Rip Torn’s IMDB page, and live-refreshing his ‘Your Tweets, Retweeted’ tab while at work. What was this dead A-hole’s job?”

(via Consumerist)

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