La La Vasquez Chronicles Kelly Rowland’s First Tattoo


Who knew these two were besties? That here getting a tattoo on the table is Kelly Rowland. And that here taking the photograph is apparent BFF La La Vasquez who tweeted, “@KELLYROWLAND getting her 1st tattoo!! I’m here to witness it!!” ¬†Well good thing she took an angle where Kelly didn’t seem to be writhing in pain, because that looks like a super painful spot to get inked. And Kelly’s always been on the skinny side, so that ribcage doesn’t have much covering! La La also tweeted a picture of the tattoo writing, “Tattoo is done!!! @KELLYROWLAND did it!”

When we saw the photograph of the tattoo, we seriously cracked up. If you’re curious to see what it is, check after the jump…

“Masterpiece” eh? Mizz Kelly how big has your ego become? ¬†Even though we said this “Masterpiece” was skinny, seeing the actual (TINY) size of her side profile is astounding.

[Photos via Twitter]

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