Happy 30th, Paris! Paris Hilton’s Top 30 Most Age-Inappropriate Outfits


Despite the seven plus years since The Simple Life—and her sex tape, One Night In Paris—made Paris Hilton into a bonafide star, it’s hard to believe the socialite is 30 years old. Sure, she’s been around long enough, with plenty of romances (and multiple engagements) under her belt,  but thanks to an endless supply of trashy outfits, it’s hard to think of her as…well, an adult. Now that old reality pal Nicole Richie is a mother of two and World According To Paris co-star Brooke Mueller best known for having kids with Charlie Sheen, it might not be long before Paris starts a family of her own (she certainly seems happy with boyfriend Cy Waits). Say goodbye to Paris’ twenties by checking out some of the most age-inappropriate outfits she’s ever worn out. And we mean worn out.

30. Superwoman Reject
29. Little Black Top
28. Starfish
27. All-Denim Everything
26. High-Rise
25. Cross My Heart
24. Paris Knievel
23. Boho Commando
22. Name That Bottom
21. Pocahontas
20. Pebbles Flinstone Gone Wrong
19. Corner Barbie
18. Strings And Things
17. Sergeant Bling
16. Cut It Out
15. Just Legs
14. Iced-Out Catwoman
13. Half-Dressed
12. Princess Pantyhose
11. Floral Wreck
10. Matching Panties
9. Missing Piece
8. Skimpy In Pink
7. Bad Case Of Lace
6. Red Carpet Fishing
5. Lingerie For The Day
4. Lethal See-Through
3. Bad Bunny
2. Baby Blue Diva
1. Earned Stripes

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